Sakaguchi Forging its Way into a New Form Toward Next-Generation Metalworking

 I am delighted to announce the 70th anniversary of the founding of Sakaguchi Seisakusho. I would also like to take this chance to express my deep appreciation to all parties for their strong support throughout our 70-year existence. I am also happy to inform you that I have been appointed as new Representative Director and President of the company on this commemorative occasion.

 Despite persistent challenges surrounding the Japanese “manufacturing” industry, Sakaguchi is now ready to ride the crest of a wave, harnessing favorable conditions for further growth, all thanks to the encouragement received from our customers and business partners. Exploiting what we have learned over seven decades of history, we at the Sakaguchi Group are reinventing ourselves as the centenary approaches and redefining our goals: constant technological R&D, installation of the latest facilities, further quality enhancement, training to develop unique talents and active social contributions.

 My personal belief, nurtured to date ever since I found my first job, is: “A company attracting many visitors can prosper”. With this in mind, I will strive to make Sakaguchi Seisakusho an organization with even greater transparency and clarity, by inviting you to our company and sharing our future plans and ongoing projects toward the centenary, which written words can never convey, with you in person.

I personally await your visit with “a cup of delicious coffee” specially made for you. As a young president, starting work under a new organizational structure, it is my great honor to hear your insights and proposals.